We do what we do because we know we make a difference in the lives of students, teachers, and all who are making decisions on their behalf!

Sally Perz

Founder & President

I keep the wheel going around, the team connected, and fill the seats with the top talent possible for our clients!

Allison Perz

Director, Non-Profit Services

I focus on the light guiding our non-profit clients and team through funding, staffing, contract management, and partnership development!

Andrea Wells

Director, School Services

I am the bridge between what's currently going on in client schools and what should be going on to be the top performing, highest achieving, and most sought after school for students, teachers, and families!

Beth Incorvaia

Family Liaison

I focus on the families and kids we serve!  Working closely with parents, families, and schools I influence kids lives every day!

Katie Old

Special Projects

I keep everything in the office running smoothly whether it's creating agendas for meetings, coordinating social media accounts, researching hot topics...I do it all!

Ebony Wiggins

Learning Coach

Reading Room, After School Program, GED tutoring...I spend time making sure all of our participants get what they need to succeed!

Alex Barboza

Support Services

I make sure everything at The Mareda Center is running on time and smooth with healthy meals and snacks every day!

Doug Parker and Perry Ratliff

Transportation Specialists

We make sure the school age kids and program participants are delivered safe and on time every day!  We support all programs and participants at The Mareda Center.

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