School Improvement 

We integrate best practices and research-based techniques to bring positive, spirited, creative options to our client schools.  Creating systemic and lasting change for the good of the school as a whole - child, teacher, family, and community.  Through these techniques, we witness measurable outcomes. Building leadership, teacher-based data teams, one-on-one with administrative team members, professional development for teachers, observations with verbal and written tips and tricks to improve the craft of teaching, cultural analysis of school, executive coaching, group mentorship, all consulting based on client need!

Professional Development

Educator quality is one of the most important influencers upon student achievement. High-energy, quality professional development is essential in increasing teacher knowledge and skills to push all students to greater heights!

If you are ready for PD that is practical, relevant, fun, filled with real-life activities that will enliven the classroom experience for your teachers AND students - call or email us today!

HOT Topics for Fall 2020:

  • Classroom Management (even virtually!)

  • Curriculum Mapping

  • Effective Lesson Planning

  • Collaborative Data Teams

  • Standards Based Lesson Plans

  • Aligned Assessments

  • Using Data to Inform

  • Effective Teaching Strategies

Board Consulting, Training, Retreats

Whether a new, inexperienced board, or a more veteran governing authority, often times organization and efficiency become lost.  Cardinal Learning can provide you with a personal board consultant to help you get your meetings as well as governing abilities on track through organization, preparation of agenda and materials, meeting minutes, and more.  

Looking to develop the strategic direction of your school?  Perhaps your board is a blend of new and experienced members, some who may have never served on a non-profit school board.   From the agenda, determining which participants to include, to the length of time, location, we work with you to design an experience that ensures higher level board performance.

Check out the Buckeye Charter School Boards (powered by CL consultants!) for resources to assist YOU!

Comprehensive Non-Profit Support

Cardinal Learning’s Non-Profit Division specializes in developing and/or managing select non-profit organizations. Whether a mature organization or a “startup”, we bring your unique vision to reality. Our experienced consultants can assist with:

  • Analysis of needs

  • Staff recruitment and training

  • Program development

  • Marketing

  • Budget development

  • Space allocation/reallocation

  • Program identification and delivery of same

  • Development of strategic partnerships
    …and much more!

  • The Cardinal Learning professionals can be the catalyst for growth and development of your non-profit organization!


  • Check out The Mareda Center for information on a Toledo local non-profit powered by CL consultants!