Client Partners

Reverend Monsignor Michael R. Billian, VF President, Mareda Board of Trustees, Diocese of Toledo

"Cardinal Learning worked with our Board to take an idea from concept to reality. Cardinal Learning surveyed, analyzed data, determined needs, developed programming, marketed to get people involved. They staff all programs at The Mareda Center and thanks to the Cardinal Learning professionals, we have a very successful education and outreach center!"

Executive Committee 

Buckeye Charter School Boards, Inc.

"Cardinal Learning helped Buckeye Charter School Boards, Inc. (BCSB), a statewide association, get organized from the beginning when it was just an idea.  They manage its membership services and growth, its statewide conferences each year, special projects, prepare for each Executive Committee meeting, and take care of the many follow-up items.  These professionals have truly made life a little easier for our Executive Committee."

What are the teachers and school leaders we work with saying?


"CL's 'Lunch ‘n Learns' were welcomed and requested by all of the staff as they gave us new techniques to bring life to our instruction while addressing the Common Core State Standards effectively.  The teachers actually looked forward to the professional development sessions with Andrea…they respect her and she makes improving your skills enjoyable!"

...Executive Director of Toledo Community School


"Introduction and overview of the new Common Core State Standards was great!  Love the transition plan."

...Teacher Toledo Community School

"The CL team is professional, approachable, and accessible to help with any issue I have in my classroom from management to assessment to utilizing aides effectively."

...Teacher Toledo Community School


"We are very grateful to have found a company that provides such a personal touch with innovative ideas!"

...Principal of Catholic Elementary Toledo Ohio

"The activities, resources, and materials provided in the Lunch and Learn session were the most practical tools I have received as a teacher."

...Teacher Cleveland Catholic Elementary

"The CL team brings such passion and energy to PD sessions...use able and practical teaching strategies and ideas to use right away in my classroom."

...Teacher Toledo Community School

"Concentrating on one standard at a time for curriculum mapping is so much easier...thank you!"

...Teacher Columbus Community School

"PD is finally engaging, informative, focused on teamwork and collaboration."

...Teacher Columbus Community School

"The curriculum planning guide flip!  It's going to help me be more content driven for sure."

...Teacher Columbus Community School